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Updating your code versions

Version Updates: PHP 7.2 and WP 5.1

This past week our hosted websites were updated to PHP version 7.2 and the latest WordPress version 5.1, a successful and seamless transition that keeps our clientele website platforms up-to-date. A couple older websites (i.e. 7 years old) running outdated plugins were updated with up-to-date plugins for compatibility. A key role in the management of […]


Phishing, Scam, and Spam Letters Relating to Domains and Websites

Let’s talk a little about phishing scams, more specifically, fraudulent invoices or letters sent via e-mail or snail mail that ask for payment to renew your domain, website, or a related account. These come under many different “company names” and usually have an urgent message to get you to act quickly out of fear of […]


A 265% Increase in Website Traffic from Updating Code

We recently had a client that desired to update their website themselves, but due to a lack of a content management system and an outdated website, after an extensive consultation, the project ended up evolving into the creation of a whole new website, built on the WordPress platform, with a transfer of existing copy and content. […]

Page Load Speed Test Results between Bluehost and Siteground

Do Hosts Matter For Website Loading Speeds?

We’ve recently switched hosting companies, transferring our websites from Bluehost to Siteground. One of the benefits we had researched about Siteground was fast page loading times. We decided to run a page load speed test between the two hosts just to acquire our own data and (hopefully) see improvement in our own website’s loading times […]


Key Points On What To Look For In A New Website

Whether you’re in the market for a new website or are looking to re-design an outdated website, there are some tips we’d like to share on “shopping” in the website market in order to help you make the most informed decision and provide you with important items to keep in mind while filtering through the […]


Responsive Web Design

Internet History There was a time when the internet was a thing accessed solely by computers, and the not-so-small flip-to-open device in your pocket could do nothing more than (sometimes) make and receive phone calls. This was a golden age for web design, as all screen sizes were essentially the same cube shape. However, time […]